Old and New

Here’s a couple cars we did today. The first was a 1997 Honda Del Sol. The paint was badly oxidized. I only got a couple shots of the Del Sol but you can see the difference on the hood. Left side polished, right side is original. Jescar correction compound and the Rupes polisher made the Del Sol shine like the sun again. After this one we did an Audi S4. The Audi cleaned up really nicely. Before and after pics of the Audi will show how nice it turned out.thumbnail_IMG_3701thumbnail_IMG_3702thumbnail_IMG_3703thumbnail_IMG_3704thumbnail_IMG_3705thumbnail_IMG_3706thumbnail_IMG_3707thumbnail_IMG_3708thumbnail_IMG_3709thumbnail_IMG_3710

Wolf in Sheep’s clothing #13 of 250

This car probably goes unnoticed by some, but those who know what it is can truly appreciate how rare this car is. Only 250 of these S4 special editions were produced in 2006! How many are left in the 12 years that has passed is anyone’s guess? Lucky number 13 is still on the road and your chances of seeing this one or any of the remaining 250 are as rare as this car! Here’s some before and afters.


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Ferrari 360 Modena

Today Essence of Clean had the privilege of detailing a beautiful silver 360 Modena in Arcadia. We did a Stage 4 treatment on this lovely 360. Deionized water washed off the dust. Adam’s car shampoo took a ride in the MTM PF22 foam canon powered by the Kranzle 1122tst pressure washer. Once the dust and grime were taken care of, Sonax Perfect Finish polished the paint to a glorious shine with the help of the Rupes LHR21 Mark II polisher. This owner worked hard to get his dream car! We are here to keep it shining bright.


BMW 135I in Richmond VA

Essence of Clean met up with YouTube personality Clean WHP in Richmond VA for a weekend detail on his BMW 135i. We did the full list of exterior services to get his paint back to the condition it deserves! Full wash, foam canon with Adam’s shampoo, engine clean, decontamination of paint using clay and Gyeon iron. Two stage paint correction using Jescar correction compound and Sonax perfect finish to bring back the clarity and brilliance of the Lemans Blue paint. Gyeon Prep was used to clean the paint before the final step. For the final step we used Kamikaze ISM ceramic coating to not only protect the paint for years to come but also to provide a warm rich glow to that beautiful Lemans Blue BMW paint.

New car prep

Most people think that their car looked the best the day they drove it off the lot. Reality is, your paint usually took a beating from the careless delivery prep at the dealer. Some of your first scratches and swirls in the paint are “installed” at the dealer. A profession detailer can remove them and make your car better than new. If your car is 1 hour old or 5 years old chances are, you have many small scratches and swirl marks. Automated car washes hammer your paint with dirty brushes causing many small scratches and swirls. Polishing paint (not waxing) will remove these and give your paint a mirror finish. Here we did our new car prep on a 2018 STI Type RA. Subaru only made 500 of these so we wanted to make it perfect. This car is #85 out of 500. We removed the wheels, decontaminated the whole car with Gyeon Iron to remove any iron particals embedded in the paint as well as the wheels. It was washed before and after this process. Next we used Sonax perfect finish to polish the paint, carbon fiber roof and carbon fiber wing. We then used Gyeon Q2M prep to remove any polish residue that remained on the paint. One final wash was given and thoroughly dried. For the final step we applied Kamikaze ISM coating for paint protection and kamikaze Stance on the wheels and brake calipers. We can make your car look better than new!