Any given Sunday

Today we detailed a Dodge Ram Promaster RV conversion. The sheer size of the van presented many challenges. Detailing the roof was one. Because the owner had two vehicles he wanted done, managing the 26 gallon water tank with de-ionized water was another. At the end of the day we had 3 gallons left! The owner was stoked with the end results of both the Promaster and the Volt!

The ultimate detailing machine!

You’ll never see pictures of Lamborghini’s or Ferrari’s that have been cut and pasted on this site. You’ll only see actual cars we touch! Today Essence of Clean had the pleasure of detailing a set of his and hers BMW’s. The 2 series and the 5 series received the full treatment. The Kranzle 1122tst pressure washer handled the exterior washing with de-ionized water on board for the spotless rinse. Adam’s PH neutral soap combined with the MTM foam canon laid down some serious suds. Products from Gyeon, Meguiar’s, and Chemical Guys refreshed the interiors. Wolfgang Fusion wax made each car shine like the sun.