50th Anniversary Mustang GT

I remember back when the 1987 Mustang GT came out. I thought that car was so cool! As the years passed i wouldn’t give mustangs a second look. They all seemed sort of bland to me? That is until the 6 generation came out in 2015. These cars look so aggressive! The three slots in the headlights remind me of a shark gill.  The front end looks like it’s about to attack it’s prey at any moment! There’s so many little details inside of this 50th anniversary edition too. If you ever see one in a parking lot or gas station, ask to have a look…..They are pretty impressive! And if you are lucky enough to hear one with a Borla exhaust like this one has? You’re bound to get a big smile on you face when you hear that sweet music!

Below are pictures of a two day detail. In total about 20 hours was put into getting this 50th anniversary Mustang in better than showroom condition. For the exterior we pulled the wheels off and deep cleaned the wheel wells, wheels (inside and out). Multiple washes of the paint to get it ready for a 2 stage (correction compound, polish compound) polish. After that we used Geyon Prep to remove any polish residue. We did one final rinse with deionized water to make sure the paint was as clean as can be. The final step we used Kamikaze ISM glass coating ($140 for a 30ml bottle) to bring out and protect the awesome Deep Impact blue paint.