Old and New

Here’s a couple cars we did today. The first was a 1997 Honda Del Sol. The paint was badly oxidized. I only got a couple shots of the Del Sol but you can see the difference on the hood. Left side polished, right side is original. Jescar correction compound and the Rupes polisher made the Del Sol shine like the sun again. After this one we did an Audi S4. The Audi cleaned up really nicely. Before and after pics of the Audi will show how nice it turned out.thumbnail_IMG_3701thumbnail_IMG_3702thumbnail_IMG_3703thumbnail_IMG_3704thumbnail_IMG_3705thumbnail_IMG_3706thumbnail_IMG_3707thumbnail_IMG_3708thumbnail_IMG_3709thumbnail_IMG_3710

Author: essenceofclean

Detailing cars is a hobby of mine and it supports my car habit. Years of practice and accumulation of equipment led me to this business. I'm not about getting the job done as quick as i can. Rather, i treat each car i touch as if it was my own and time is taken to get the best possible results.

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